Environmental Objectives

Our company has always believed that long-term corporate success is associated with the careful handling of resources. Taking this into account, energy from regenerative sources, avoidance of plastic packaging and the avoidance of oil, paper and other commodities have now become a top priority. The constant optimisation of our processes and procedures guarantees that, during production, we attain the highest possible level of environmental protection. Thereby, in the interest of constant improvement, we comply fully with the system of avoidance – reduction and substitution. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a state of 100% sustainable production. Furthermore, we also expect this of our distributors and suppliers with whom we remain in constant contact, thus enabling the improvement of processes inevitably resulting in a reduction of the use of resources.

Environmental Guidelines

Speckenheuer Maschinen und Apparatebau GmbH has explicitly set its sights on carrying out all entrepreneurial activities in harmony with our environment, hence, playing a decisive role in its protection and preservation.

This, however, is not simply limited to the production of our products: we also avoid environmental pollution in the fields of sales and procurement.

To implement our ambition we have made the following guidelines a binding content of our business policy: