Shearing hub

Shearing hubs protect the chain from breakage.

Sprockets and special drive sprockets for roller chains should be equipped with shearing hubs in particular in large plants, and thus designed as shearing sprockets. The hub is here connected to the sprocket via a free wheel with the aid of shear bolts. This is designed in such a way that it maintains the shearing action under a specified breaking load. If the breaking load of the chain is higher than that of the shearing bolts, the chain will not break, but rather the bolts. The sprocket is disengaged and the system can be shut down in a controlled manner.

The bolts can be quickly replaced, and therefore the system can be quickly restarted. These constructions are particularly beneficial if heavy conveyed goods fall into the system or if the system is jammed. The shearing sprocket is individually adjusted to suit the customer’s requirements, taking into consideration the drive power, the chain and the conveyed goods.