Drive Sprocket

Triplex roller sprocket in welded version with lightening holes

We manufacture drive sprockets for roller sprockets in accordance with all applicable ISO standards, in particular ISO 606, which replaces the standards DIN 8187 and DIN ISO 8188. The tooth profile can be based on ISO 606, but also, alternatively, on another standard, and freely selectable optimised tooth shapes. The individual tooth geometry offers advantages when it comes to wear and tear and service life of the roller sprockets.

Roller sprockets are manufactured both in welded version and as one solid part. In addition to the function, the economic efficiency is in this context decisive for the selection of the construction.
In special cases, the welded constructions can also be used as a substitute for cast-iron wheels, since it is not necessary to build an expensive mould. This represents a major economic advantage when replacing it with a spare part.
Sprockets in welded version can be reinforced with spokes and thus convey much larger loads. The use and the breaking load of the roller chain according to DIN ISO 606 as well as individual manufacturer’s specifications are also taken into consideration here.
It is particularly economical to manufacture the large roller sprockets in welded version. In this way a forged ring is welded together with a washer and a hub. Welded ribs and/or spokes are used as reinforcement. Lightening holes are incorporated in the wafer for the purpose of weight reduction.

Sprockets for roller sprockets can be designed as Simplex, Duplex or Triplex sprockets. On customer’s request, we also manufacture the sprockets for quadruple and sextuple roller chains.