Conveyor chain wheels

Conveyor chain wheels - suitable for any conveyor chain, optimized for the given purpose.

We manufacture conveyor chain wheels for any conveyor chain of any splits as well as conveying tasks. The tooth profile of the conveyor chain wheel is usually adjusted to fit the relevant conditions and can be provided with grooves for dirt and tooth gap clearance. Conveyor chain wheels are now mostly inductively hardened. This is carried out in one of our CNC-controlled inductive hardening plants. Materials such as C45 and 42CrMo4 are used here.
For the food industry, we manufacture the sprockets made of plastic, stainless steel V2A/V4A and zinc-plated conveyor belt wheels as well.
Furthermore, we also produce:
– Bush conveyor chains DIN 8165 and DIN 8164 as well as DIN 8167.
– Scrapper chains DIN 8177, bush chains DIN 8168, flat link chains 8175, DIN Berg 2251, steel bolt chains DIN 654, DIN 686 gall chains DIN 8150, DIN 8151
– draw bench chains DIN 8156 and DIN 8157
We also manufacture the chains following the foreign standards, such as SFS 2380, SMS 2083, British Standard