Gear – Special modules

With our CNC production machines we are able to manufacture inch modules, profile shifting an all other modules with different pressure angles as well as addendum reduction.

Gear wheel rim

We manufacture gear wheels in accordance with customer’s requests up to module 24 and higher. On our 5-axle CNC simultaneous BAZ, we can manufacture any module with any desired pressure angle and in accordance with any standard. Teeth quality up to 6 can be achieved in this way very easily, and also, gearing with every kind of hardening is possible as well. Applying the precision stamping procedure, we manufacture up to a diameter of 2,600 mm.

Gear wheel pinion

All machines require a precise and reliable drive: as a replacement in agricultural machines, in conveyor belt system or in robotics. Everywhere where an automated transportation is necessary, gear wheels have to be used.

Gear wheel with straight / diagonal teeth

We also manufacture welded versions up to a diameter of 2,800 mm and 3.5t in weight per piece, in accordance with your wishes. We will be happy to present you a non-binding offer free of any costs.

Split gear wheel wafer

In order to reduce the costs of assembly or to facilitate the replacement of gear wheels at inaccessible places, we offer you split gear wheels.
The split joint is mechanically processed and thus force-fitting, i.e. there are no functional disadvantages as opposed to a non-split gear wheel.

Bull gear wheel

We manufacture bull gear wheels individually according to the customer’s wishes, up to the weight of 3.5t. As a company specialised in welding, when it comes to bull gear wheels, we are also specialised in welded constructions. A forged ring with a wafer and a hub and spokes are welded together in this process. The subsequent inductive hardening of tooth flanks is also performed by us.

Herringbone gearing

Herringbone gearing is a special feature we offer. This special smooth-running gear wheel is used there where large forces have to be transferred. We will gladly manufacture them on the basis of a sample or according to your specifications.